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Thoughts on Engine Remapping

Modifying cars today, depending on how far you want to go can get very expensive. Modifying has come a long way since the days of just having a janspeed exhaust and k+n air filter.

There are certain things that you may be able to do yourself such as, machine polishing the internal part of the inlet and outlet manifolds (known as portal polishing), fitting a larger bore free-flowing exhaust and changing the air intake unit. However, these activities have a limited effect on the performance of your car. Short of getting a vwTuning Specialist to do some extensive machining to fit high lift cams and fit bigger valves which will cost quite a few houndred quid, there is another route you can take and that is - Engine Remapping.

Virtually every car manufactured today is fitted with an ECU which stands for Engine Control Unit. This is the Brain of the engine so to speak and is responsible for its performance along with the function of lots of other components.

When cars are manufactured, the manufacturer builds the ecu brain a margin for error and servicing which leads to worn and dirty spark plugs, blocked air filters, blocked injectors, worn leads, adverse weather and the laws of different countries, but also making for performance within its published specifications when it leaves the factory.

So what you have here is an ecu that still has greater scope and can be modified easily to provide better engine performance. To give this statement some credibility, manufacturers use the same standard mapped ecu and remapping it to increase engine performance on some of their models.

Remapping requires no change to the engine, machining or additional hardware. The ecu is linked up using the on board diagnosis port to a laptop that has been programmed to override its current specification or function. Only an experienced engine remapper with the right equipment is able to do this. The days when fiddling with points and condensers, tweaking the distributor and carburettor were the only forms of tuning have gone. Engine Remapping allows you to get better performance out of the engine by altering settings in terms of, valve timing, the speed govenor, electronic throttle control and much more.

Turbo charged engines benefit loads more from this and can be remapped to provide as much as 40% more (BHP). The temptation to and the amazing feeling after this mod` will be overwhelming, so it`s best to use your head and use it for overtaking and getting up to speed faster. Non-turbo engines also benefit from performance enhancements, estimated to average around 10% - 15 % which is still a good difference..

Better performance, saving on fuel and emissions are the prime advantages and may prolong the life of your cars engine forcing you to spend time looking for new cars for sale. A remapped car will, however, need regular servicing since its extra performance will place additional stress on moving parts. Enjoy your car`s extra performance but be carefull +watch those speed cameras.





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